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Copylime user review   

Copylime is your Indie AI Copywriter. Get the feeling its run by one guy Peter Mick.

Which is fine if it produces. The first thing you notice is Start Writing for Free and the Pricing structure – a credit per use. 100 credits is 6.99. 500 credits over a year is $19.00.

That is inexpensive if it works out it actually is 1 credit to create a piece of AI content and may be the compelling reason to give Copylime a try over the others in this competitive space.

Going in, I’m expecting good copy (I expect the engine to be the same one others are using) but less features like templates, SEO integration AI creations document saving and team sharing. Lets see if I’m right. 


Copylime Writing Templates

First up, its fast and easy to use, with a clean interface.

Compared to others recently reviewed the first thing I notice is fewer writing task template options.

The Full Article Tool is the default with  Blogging sub-sections, Ad Tools, Email, Personal, Website and Start-up sections but they’re not hiding many options – often just one or two task templates.

More to come I’m sure but this is one guy creating this product. Yes, it doesn’t feel fleshed out but I’m personally OK with this if it performs the function – I’ll use the Full Article Tool for the long-form article and the General Ad Copy under Ad Tools for the Product Description exercise.

Copylime logo

Writing test on the Subject:

How to source and integrate offshore talent

Using the Copylime Full Article tool

I added in my keywords and my Article title (though AI could’ve written this). I wanted to keep a similar title so its more of a direct comparison to the other products on the market.

I used the AI to generate the outline – seen below, which generated in around 5-10 seconds.

A pretty generic outline, but one that is a) on point with the title b) comparative to the other AI content solutions I’ve seen. 

Great so far.

Copylime Article Outliner with Notepad

I did not expect the Notepad function to save content on the platform to retrieve later, or a scratch pad for saving new ideas.

This could be a helpful feature, though the alternative is you’re copy/pasting from another browser window/platform, say, a GoogleDoc, Notepad app, Notion page which is not too big of an inconvenience.

The AI wheels churned for longer than expected, but it produced the content below 1,250 words, with good layout, structure and meaningful to the topic. Pretty damn good!

Important to note from the pricing /usage perspective. The Free trial starts with 30 credits, 1 to create the Article outline and then 20 to create this article, leaving me with 9 remaining.

I thought 100 credits/ 100 uses for $6.99 was too good to be true. And it is!

That’s not a problem but one should be prepared in advance.

Below is the AI-generated copy. As always AI content needs further editing, wordsmithing and improvement but I feel this content from an Indy developer is equal, and in some ways better (thats pretty subjective I know), to others I have recently tested.

How to source and integrate offshore talent

In recent years, the globalization of business has led to a growth in the demand for offshore talent. This has created a new challenge for HR professionals: How to source and integrate offshore talent into the workplace.

Offshore talent can come from a variety of sources, including contract staffing firms, online job boards, and social media. The key to integrating offshore talent into the workplace is to ensure that they are a good fit for the organization. This means taking the time to understand their skills, experience, and cultural background.

Once you have identified the right offshore talent, the next step is to integrate them into the workplace. This can be done by providing them with orientation and training on the organization’s culture and values. It is also important to create a support network for them, so they feel comfortable and supported in their new environment.

1. The advantages of sourcing offshore talent
2. How to find the right talent
3. How to evaluate talent
4. How to integrate talent
5. The benefits of integrating offshore talent
6. The challenges of integrating offshore talent
7. How to overcome the challenges of integrating offshore talent

1. The advantages of sourcing offshore talent

When businesses source and integrate talent from offshore locations, there are several potential advantages. One is the ability to find workers with the skills and experience that may be in short supply locally. Additionally, businesses may be able to take advantage of lower wage rates and tap into a larger pool of potential employees.

Offshore sourcing and integration of talent can also help businesses to become more global in their outlook and operations. This can lead to a better understanding of and connection with international markets, and can help to build a more diverse and inclusive workforce. Additionally, businesses may be able to improve their reputation by being seen to be supporting talent development in emerging economies.

2. How to find the right talent

There are a few key things to keep in mind when sourcing talent offshore:
– First, identify the skills and experience that you need in order to complete your project. This will help you create a targeted list of potential candidates.
– Second, reach out to your professional network to see if anyone has any recommendations. This is a great way to get first-hand information about a potential candidate.
– Finally, use online search tools to help you find candidates that meet your specific criteria. Once you have a list of potential candidates, reach out and start the interview process.

3. How to evaluate talent

Evaluating talent can be tricky, but there are a few key things to keep in mind. First, consider what skills and experience the person possesses that make them a good fit for the role. Second, take a look at their work history and see if they have a track record of success in similar roles. Finally, trust your gut – if you have a good feeling about someone, they are likely to be a good fit for the role.

4. How to integrate talent

The fourth and final step to sourcing and integrating offshore talent is to ensure that they are properly integrated into your company culture. This can be a challenge, as there may be language barriers or differences in work ethic. However, it is important to make an effort to help your new employees feel comfortable and part of the team. Here are a few tips:
-Encourage socialization: Try to set up activities or events outside of work where your new employees can socialize with their colleagues. This will help them feel more comfortable and included in the company culture.

-Be understanding: There may be times when your new employees make mistakes due to cultural differences. Try to be understanding and patient as they adjust to their new environment.

-Provide resources: There are many resources available to help employees transition to working in a new culture. Provide your new employees with information about these resources so that they can take advantage of them.

5. The benefits of integrating offshore talent

Offshore talent can bring a number of benefits to your organisation, including:
– Cost savings: Offshore talent can be sourced at a fraction of the cost of hiring equivalent domestic talent.
– Expand your talent pool: By sourcing talent from offshore, you can access a larger pool of skilled workers than you would be able to domestically.
– Increase diversity: Offshore talent can help to increase the diversity of your workforce, which can bring a number of benefits including improved innovation and creativity.
– Enhance your global footprint: If you are looking to expand your organisation’s global footprint, integrating offshore talent can be a key part of that strategy.

These are just some of the benefits that can be achieved by integrating offshore talent into your organisation. By carefully considering your needs and doing your research, you can source the offshore talent that can help you to achieve your business goals.

6. The challenges of integrating offshore talent

When it comes to integrating offshore talent, there are a few challenges to keep in mind. One is that of time differences. If your team is based in the US and you’re hiring someone from India, there will be a big time difference to contend with. This can make communication difficult, and it can be hard to schedule meetings or collaborate on projects. Another challenge is cultural differences. This can be a big adjustment for both the offshore worker and the rest of the team. It’s important to be aware of and respectful of those differences, and to try to find common ground. Finally, there may be language barriers to overcome. This can be frustrating for all involved, and it’s important to be patient and to have realistic expectations. With some understanding and effort, these challenges can be overcome and offshore talent can be successfully integrated into your team.

7. How to overcome the challenges of integrating offshore talent

When overcoming the challenges of integrating offshore talent, it is important to keep the following in mind:

-cultural differences can create misunderstandings and conflict. It is important to be aware of these differences, and to take steps to avoid or mitigate potential problems.

-offshore workers may not have the same level of English language skills as those who are native speakers. This can make communication difficult, and can lead to errors or misunderstanding. It is important to be clear and concise when communicating with offshore workers, and to give them sufficient time to understand and respond to any requests or instructions.

-offshore workers may not be familiar with the company’s culture, values, and expectations. It is important to take the time to explain these things, and to help them understand how they fit into the company’s overall operations.

-offshore workers may not be familiar with the local laws and regulations. This can lead to problems if they are not following the proper procedures or if they are not complying with the company’s policies. It is important to make sure that they are aware of the relevant laws and regulations, and that they understand the company’s policies.

Even with the recent pandemic, the process of hiring offshore talent has not changed significantly. You should still take the time to find the right staffing agency that can help you with the recruiting process. By taking the time to find the right agency, you will be able to find the best talent for your company.

The Waterbottle test

Putting Copylime through its paces, I’ve structured a small copywriting test around product sales copy using CopyLime’s General Ad Copy tool.

Steel water bottles have been around for 1/2 a decade or more, selling millions a year – widely popular with both customers and retailers. Retailers have said just about everything there has to say about them, difficult as they are products without very many unique traits or innovations.

Perfect for a writing test!

Test Parameters

Copylime has been given a product title for a generic steel water bottle along with a list of product features.

With these limited writing prompts – real world use case – Copylime is tasked with creating new product copy.

Writing Prompts

Product title:

Insulated Water Bottle, BPA Free, Reusable Stainless Steel Water Bottle for 12 Hour Hot & 24 Hour Cold Keeping, for Sport, Gym, Travel – 350ml / 500ml / 750ml / 1 Liter

Product Features:

  • Keep your drinks cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours
  • Eco-friendly and 100% food safe
  • Airtight, leak-proof, screw lid
  • Boutique quality
  • Practical and durable
  • Sizes: 350ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1L, 1.5L
The water bottle writing test

A.I Test Results

Copylime logo

Using the Copylime General Ad Copy tool:

Copylime General Ad Copy AI

The Copylime General Ad Copy tool produced :

1.Boutique quality insulated water bottle. Keep your drinks cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours.
2.Airtight, leak-proof, screw lid. Eco-friendly and 100% food safe.
3.Practical and durable. Sizes: 350ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1L, 1.5L.
4.Keep your drinks cold or hot while you’re on the go!
5.The perfect insulated water bottle for any occasion!

My conclusion

The results from the product description AI used up 1 Credit, and it feels like 1 credit was wasted.

In this case, the AI simply regurgitated the product description points I entered for the most part, lacking depth and quantity.

Right now, Copylime’s raison d’etre seems to be an AI Content writer – a bigger and I would think more complex AI undertaking than product descriptions.

Copylime matches or exceeds others out there on the market, producing quality on-target content for personalized wordsmithing and improvement.

Yes, it doesn’t have sharing tools, SEO integration and other bells and whistles but they often feel forced and not well executed (yet) anyway.

If you’re performing long-form copywriting tasks, I recommend you have a look at Copylime, and if the pricing /usage model suits your needs.



Copylime pricing

Software as a service pricing, so its a usage model, with price scaling with user volume.

Starting a free trial is the way to go which gives you 30 credits, which for me worked out to be 1 long-form article to test the product, and change.

Copylime logo