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Rhymezone user review   

‘Rhymezone is a simple database matching tool so not really on target for the focus of this website, but it is a tool that will enhance the productivity of A.I generated writing products that I’ve reviewed –  it’s a powerful addition AI generated  copy and content production workflow.

What’s extra nice is that its free!

Making compelling engaging and compelling content is hard – and every piece needs a polish. Rhymezone sits in that wordsmithing function, during editing or polishing. Perhaps after another tool has generated some content, you need to punch it up, turn a phrase, or hit a beat with your copy.

Turn to Rhymezone and plug in your keyword quickly match rhyming or near-rhyming words. Perhaps not the big productivity timesaver but one that could make the biggest difference.

If you can make ‘glottal’ rhyme with ‘water bottle’, rhymed in my test word in the heading image, and make it work, let me know!

Beyond sourcing rhyming words Rhymezone offers a huge range of wordsmithing tools, synonyms and antonyms of course, but also features ;

  • descriptive words
  • find phrases
  • find sentences
  • find definitions
  • find lyrics and poems
  • find related words
  • find similar sounding words
  • find similarly spelled words
  • find homophones
  • find phrase trhymes
  • match consonants
  • match letters
  • find anagrams
  • search in shakespeare
  • Search quotations

if you’re stuck in ideation or polishing a draft, Rhymezone will be invaluable to improving your copy and its impact.


GoogleDocs Plugin

Bring Rhymezone directly into GoogleDocs in a plug-in, Easy to add and found under Extensions, Rhymezone installs in a sidebar. 

This quadruples your productivity as it allows you to have all your draft copy and every iteration in one place – and share it with your team. 

Rhymezone googledocs plugin
Rhymezone logo

My conclusion

Well worth a look, and integrating into your daily writing workflow.

Yes it’s an unstructured tool that you’ll have to devise the best process to include, but if I was writing sales and marketing content every day, I would incorporate it into the ideation phase, particularly developing new marketing angles, and later into the copy polish phase. 

Keeping the google doc of the ideation process would be incredibly useful as an internal file, as a resource to review when later developing copy across similar themes, products or veritcals.


Rhymezone logo