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Writesonic user review   

WriteSonic is your quick writer. Using the AI Article Writer is a good starter tool to begin writing with a range of features. I’m going to focus on long form here.

Using the Article Writer feature which focuses on long form content, to start, all you have to do is come up with a sentence or two – your topic –  and WrteSonic will come up with ideas.

This is great for ideation around a subject which your consistently creating content, be that blog posts, social media posts or marketing releases around new product iterations.

Select your choice, which will become your article heading.


As an aside – plugging ideas into SEO tools to see if tops rank as search queries may be a targeted next step.

A cool feature is that WriteSonic does this – WriteSonic integrates with SEMRush if you have an account, working with the current WriteSonic creation features – Product Descriptions, Blog Ideas, SEO Meta tags – to get SEO Keywords and rankings for your AI-created content.

,Within the Article Writer, the next step is intros – hit the button and you get a selection of choices which are auto-generated.

Reading through the content options select the one that meets your needs the best – it may need a little rewrite or wordsmithing later.

Next the AI Article writer creates an outline, a list of sections around the subject matter. Again select the outline content that meet your need. Once complete hit the button and WriteSonic will create your draft article. with the content, headline, intro, sections with content and even image options.

You can then edit, fact checking, and rewrite. Simply brilliant.

For technically minded or SaaS partners there is an API to connect WriteSonic creating into your app.

Below are some product process images:


Writing test on the Subject:

Developments in Technical talent acquisition and recruitment

Using the Writesonic Article Writer tool, produced:

WriteSonic Draft Article image

Five Ways to Attract and Retain Top Technical Talent

Recruiting and retaining top technology talent is a challenge for businesses of all sizes. In fact, the demand for technical skills has never been more acute, with a recent Upwork survey finding that 83 percent of U.S. employers find it challenging to find tech talent. With the average cost of hiring a new employee exceeding $40000, it’s more important than ever to develop an effective recruitment strategy and retention plan for your top tech talent. To that end, we’ve outlined five ways you can attract and retain top technical talent:


Educate current employees about the value of company culture.

Organizations with strong cultures have always been attractive to top talent, but with the advent of social media and the increased prevalence of remote work, companies have been forced to clarify their definition of culture. Most businesses want to hire people who share their values, but they also want to hire people whose values fit within their specific organizational context. As such, they want members who can adapt to the unique environment they’ve created. If you want to attract top technical talent, you need to clearly communicate what your organizational values are, how they fit into your specific business context, and how they benefit employees. How do you go about this? Start with employee engagement surveys, not only to assess the general engagement levels of your team but also to spark a conversation about organizational culture.


Offer remote-only positions for top talent.

A growing number of employees are interested in remote work, and that number is only growing. According to Gallup’s State of the Workplace report, approximately one-third of U.S. employees would prefer to work remotely. To that end, if you’re looking for top technical talent, consider offering remote-only positions. With the help of technology, remote work is only getting easier, so there’s no reason not to consider it as an option. With the right tools and processes in place, remote work isn’t just a nice-to-have; it’s a necessity in many industries. If you want to attract top talent, consider offering remote-only positions.


Provide flexible work hours and unlimited vacation days for all employees.

Again, this is an expectation among top talent, but not every employer meets it. If you want to attract great talent, you need to be willing to go above and beyond. If you want to seal the deal, you need to provide remote work, flexible work hours, and unlimited vacation days. For many employees, working remotely is the only way to make a career work, whether it’s because of family obligations or health reasons. Otherwise, many employers offer a fixed schedule that doesn’t consider employees’ individual needs. By providing flexible work hours and unlimited vacation days, you’re offering employees greater control over their work-life balance.


Incorporate a transparent interview process for all candidates.

Employers are increasingly turning to blind recruitment processes that are entirely or partially blind. Many companies have adopted blind recruitment processes in which candidates don’t know what positions they’re applying for, and hiring managers don’t know the identities of candidates. Blind recruitment is based on the idea that candidates are more likely to be open and honest in their own experiences if they don’t know the name of the company they’re applying to and hiring managers are more likely to make objective decisions if they don’t know the name of the candidates they’re interviewing. While this process might seem mysterious, it’s important to remember that it’s not meant to be a secret or a trick. Rather, it’s an attempt to level the playing field for candidates and make the hiring process more objective.


Lock down your company’s reputation as an employer of choice.

One of the best ways to attract and retain top talent is to build a reputation as an employer of choice. An employer of choice is an organization that stands out from the crowd and attracts top talent. By building a reputation as an employer of choice, you can make your search for new employees easier. Candidates who know your company is an employer of choice are more likely to apply for your open positions, increasing the number of applicants you receive. By establishing your company as an employer of choice, you can help attract top talent and make it more likely that they’ll stay with your company once they’re hired.


How will these strategies impact your bottom line?

These strategies will likely increase your costs, but they’ll also increase your revenue and help you to retain your best employees. As you increase your revenue, you can offset the costs associated with implementing these strategies. For example, if you provide remote-only positions, you’ll likely spend more on employee benefits (such as health insurance), but you’ll also be able to save on office space and related expenses. As you improve your company culture and reputation, you’ll also see an increase in your company’s brand value, which can also help to offset your expenses.

The Waterbottle test

Putting WriteSonic through its paces, I’ve structured a small copywriting test around product sales copy using WriteSonic’s Product Description tool.

Steel water bottles have been around for 1/2 a decade or more, selling millions a year – widely popular with both customers and retailers. Retailers have said just about everything there has to say about them, difficult as they are products without very many unique traits or innovations.

Perfect for a writing test!

Test Parameters

WriteSonic has been given a product title for a generic steel water bottle along with a list of product features.

With these limited writing prompts – real world use case – WriteSonic is tasked with creating new product copy.

Writing Prompts

Product title:

Insulated Water Bottle, BPA Free, Reusable Stainless Steel Water Bottle for 12 Hour Hot & 24 Hour Cold Keeping, for Sport, Gym, Travel – 350ml / 500ml / 750ml / 1 Liter

Product Features:

  • Keep your drinks cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours
  • Eco-friendly and 100% food safe
  • Airtight, leak-proof, screw lid
  • Boutique quality
  • Practical and durable
  • Sizes: 350ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1L, 1.5L
The water bottle writing test

A.I Test Results


Using the Writesonic Product Description tool produced:

  1. Insulated water bottles are a must-have for anyone who wants to keep their drinks cold or hot for hours on end. Our bottles are made with high-quality materials that are 100% food safe and eco-friendly. They’re also leak-proof and have a practical screw lid that makes them easy to use. And best of all, they come in a variety of sizes to fit any need. Whether you want to take a small bottle with you on the go or need a large bottle to keep the whole family hydrated, we’ve got you covered. So don’t wait any longer, add an insulated water bottle to your cart today!


  1. Looking for a high-quality, eco-friendly water bottle that will keep your drinks cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours? Look no further than our insulated water bottle! Made from eco-friendly and 100% food safe materials, this bottle is airtight, leak-proof, and comes with a practical and durable screw lid. It also comes in a variety of sizes, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Whether you’re headed to the gym, the office, or out on a hike, our insulated water bottle is the perfect way to stay hydrated and keep your drinks cool or hot.


  1. Insulated Water Bottle, BPA Free, Reusable Stainless Steel Water Bottle Keep your drinks cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours with this eco-friendly and 100% food safe water bottle. Airtight, leak-proof, and screw lid, this boutique quality water bottle is practical and durable. Available in different sizes, it’s perfect for any occasion.


  1. Insulated Water Bottle, BPA Free, Reusable Stainless Steel Water Bottle Keep your drinks cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours. Eco-friendly and 100% food safe. Airtight, leak-proof, screw lid. Boutique quality. Practical and durable. Sizes: 350ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1L, 1.5L.


  1. Insulated Water Bottle, BPA Free, Reusable Stainless Steel Water Bottle Keep your drinks cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours with this eco-friendly and 100% food safe water bottle. Airtight, leak-proof, and screw lid, this boutique quality water bottle is practical and durable and comes in a variety of sizes.

My conclusion

Brilliant technology but as you can see from the technical recruitment article, the lack of depth of subject matter knowledge is an issue – a tech recruiter with more than a year’s experience could write more value-driven content.

Saying that, to create the article framework to then edit with your own experience and thoughts, it is a fantastic tool.

On the product description waterbottle test, a simpler task, I think it performed admirably.

Such a time saver!


writesonic pricing

Software as a service pricing, so its a monthly fee (discount for annual), with price scaling with user volume.

Starting a free trial is the way to go, then its $15 a month minimum.